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Venture off the beaten path to immerse yourself in the vastness of Patagonia's pristine wilderness.  Reconnect with nature, learn about the forest, and explore the vibrant landscapes of Chile's wild south with us on a private guided day hike in Punta Arenas, Chile.

Hike in Patagonia's Andes

Embrace Your Love of Nature

Immerse yourself in Patagonia’s wilderness as you journey through the varied terrain of the Patagonian Andes, just minutes outside of the city.

Our hiking tours in Punta Arenas are perfect for birders, botanists, and nature lovers of all types- or for anyone longing to get some quiet time away from the crowds.

Learn About the Land

Our hiking guides in Punta Arenas have years of experience in this area. They are knowledgeable and passionate about sharing their learnings with you.

Get a crash course in geology, plant identification, history, and more, all delivered entertainingly by our trained interpretive guides!

Why Hike in Punta Arenas with Us?

  • Explore with Experts

Learning about Patagonia is our passion. Sharing that knowledge with you is our delight.​

  • Learn Local Secrets

Follow your guide off the beaten path to visit places only locals know about

  • Remove the Stress from your Planning

 Enjoy your day in Punta Arenas with our curated adventures. 

  • Get Your Questions Answered

We love sharing our knowledge and experience with you!​

  • Challenge Youself in a Safe Environment 

New to Hiking? No problem. Your professional hiking guide will coach you and give you tips on staying safe on the trail.

  • Immerse Your Senses

Our tours are a multisensory experience! Feast all five senses on the delights of Patagonia.

  • Explore Patagonia Your Way

Our expert guides are there to tailor your tour to your tastes, pace, and interests.


Explore Patagonia's Dramatic History with Us


Punta Arenas Antarctic History City Tour

Follow in the footsteps of famous explorers as you travel through Punta Arenas, discovering the rich Antarctic history that infuses the very foundations of the city.

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