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Historic City Tour in Punta Arenas

Travel through the people's history of Patagonia to learn the stories of struggle and success that changed Punta Arenas from a remote outpost into one of the great cities of the 19th century.


Hidden behind the nostalgic charm and slow pace of Punta Arenas lies an epic history that saw this remote outpost rise from obscurity to become one of the most important cities in the world- only to sink back into obscurity once more.

Travel through time back to the earliest people to call Patagonia home. Feel the salt breeze ripple through ancient branches as you listen to the voices of the past, brought to life by your guides.

Visit an open-air museum to see and touch the tools and treasures of Punta Arenas’ early citizens. Learn about their struggle to survive on the landscape, and how, to this day, the untameable wilderness of Patagonia dictates the way of life here.

Meet the rich and famous characters whose Palacios ring the Plaza de Armas. Go behind the scenes and into the home of Punta Arenas' first -and most powerful- female entrepreneur and her rags-to-riches pioneer husband. 

Tour historic neighbourhoods and houses and learn about the diverse nations that have woven their threads into the tapestry of the region's identity. Then, look behind the scenes into a slice of Patagonian culture with a visit to the historic Punta Arenas Municipal Cemetery. 

Finish your tour with a trip to a little-known local gem to taste local foods and flavours with a gourmet twist, paired with a tasting selection of local wines, beers, coffees, or fresh juices.

Duration: 4 hours

Walking Distance: 2.5 km (1.5 mi)

Elevation Gain: 4 Flights of Stairs

Private Guide & Transportation

Free 24-Hour Cancellation

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Explore Historic Buildings at the Museo de Recuerdos

Get a unique look at the life of early citizens of Punta Arenas 

Walk Through the Plaza de Armas

Visit Downtown Punta Arenas to meet the rich and famous characters whose Palacios ring the Plaza de Armas.

Go Behind the Scenes at the Palacio Sara Braun

Explore the home of Punta Arenas' first -and most powerful- female entrepreneur and her rags-to-riches husband.


Tour the Oldest Neighbourhoods in Punta Arenas

Go off the beaten path to enjoy the varied architecture and nostalgic beauty of historic neighbourhoods in Punta Arenas. 

​Experience Culture at the Punta Arenas Municipal Cemetery 

 Pay respects to notable townspeople, and learn about the close relationship the living maintain with their dead.

Feast on Local Flavours

While you explore, keep your energy level up with beloved local snacks provided to you by your guides. End your tour tasting delicious regional foods and flavours prepared with a gourmet twist.

Toast Your Adventure with Local Beer or Wine

Accompany your tapas with a locally brewed beer, a glass of Chilean wine, a special regional cocktail, or some locally roasted coffee.

Explore with Experienced, Professional Guides

Our guides are trained professional interpreters with years of experience entertaining and educating curious travellers like you.

What's Included

  • Lunch

  • Snacks

  • Drinks (Alcohol, Juice, Coffee, or Soda)

  • Private Guide

  • Private Transportation

  • Entrance Fees

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