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Please read and review these terms and conditions to participate in our hiking tours in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.



1. Pricing

1.1. Inclusions
1.2. Exclusions
1.3. Acts of God
1.4.Tiered Pricing

2. Bookings

2.1. Reservations, Payment, and Cancellation Policy
2.2. Customer Cancellation and Refund Policy
2.3. Operator Cancellation and Refund Policy

3. Accommodations

4. Meals

4.1. Dietary Requirements

5. Passenger Responsibilities

6. Medical Health

6.1. Personal Medical Information
6.2. Guide’s Discretion
6.3. Medical Evacuation
6.4. Doctor’s Certificate

7. Insurance

​8. Travel with Minors

9. Third-Party Vendors

10. Personal Information and Waivers

11. Assumption of Risk and Release from Liability

1. Pricing
2. Booking
3. Accomodations
4. Meals
5. Passenger Responsibilties

1. Pricing

1.1. Inclusions

The price for each program includes:

  • All accommodations in hotels, cabins, huts, camps and/or tents (Multi-day programs only- accommodations are not included in day hike packages)

  • Meals and drinks as specified in each program

  • Ground transportation in private vehicles, excluding reception transfer from the nearest airport

  • All trekking, ice walking, horse-riding, marine and river arrangements in the field (as specified in each program) including equipment and permits

  • All park entrances and fees

  • Professional and experienced English-speaking guides (French, German, and Spanish-speaking guides are available upon request)

    • The guide: passenger ratio varies from 1:4 to 1:6 depending on the type of program

1.2. Exclusions

Costs not included in each program are:


  • Accommodations before and after the program

  • Meals before and after the program

  • Airfares, airport departure taxes, and visas

  • Airport transfer

  • Additional food items, soft drinks, or liquor at restaurants on the itinerary (A fixed menu is provided)

  • Medical expenses, including costs associated with hospitalization or evacuation

  • Laundry services

  • Insurance

  • Gratuities

1.3. Acts of God

If your program must be extended or modified due to road conditions, weather, transportation issues, political or civil disputes, medical emergencies (Including COVID-19),  or other causes beyond our control, the associated costs, including any and all non-recoverable costs, will not be refunded or included in the tour rate already paid. 

In these circumstances, it will be your responsibility to pay directly for extra costs in the field (i.e. food, transport, accommodations, etc.).

Please ensure that you have purchased up-to-date travel insurance protecting you against cancellations and delays caused by ‘Acts of God’.

1.4. Tiered Pricing

Our tours have tiered prices according to the number of full-price passengers on the tour. At the time of your booking, we will invoice you for the highest-level tier price. After your tour, we will refund you any difference in price if additional passengers have caused the tour price to drop to a lower tier level.

Staff members of Indomita Adventures, or invited guests including photographers and travel writers, are not included in the passenger tally for tiered pricing.

2.2. Customer Cancellation and Refund Policy

If it becomes necessary for you to cancel your tour, your money will be refunded depending on the cancellation date and the fees associated with cancellation on that date.


Partial refunds will not be given for unused tour arrangements for any reason whatsoever. We strongly recommend purchasing trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

Tours that need to be cancelled and rescheduled to another date will be considered a cancellation and subject to the same cancellation fees as detailed previously.

2.3. Operator Cancellation and Refund Policy

Indomita Adventures reserves the right to cancel any tour due to inclement weather, unexpected logistical challenges, or other unforeseen but insurmountable factors.

In the case of a tour cancelled by Indomita, you will be given a full refund and offered discounts on alternative Indomita Adventures tours as available. 

In the case of your tour being cancelled, Indomita will not be held responsible for any additional expenses to outside vendors that you may have incurred, such as travel expenses, equipment, or medical expenses.

The refund, in full, of all payments for your cancelled tour that Indomita Adventures has received, shall release Indomita Adventures from any further liability.

4. Meals

All meals on the tour are included and consist of a mix of meals at restaurants and meals prepared by our camp chef.


Our menus are designed to highlight local flavours and ingredients while still appealing to international travellers. A mix of traditional Chilean food and Chilean-inspired dishes will be served.

4.1. Dietary Restrictions

We are happy to cater to any dietary requirements passengers may have. Please include information about your dietary needs when you are booking your tour.

5. Passenger Responsibilities

All passengers are responsible for selecting a tour that is in line with their interests and physical abilities. To assist in this process, Indomita Adventures provides detailed itineraries and tour difficulty ratings. We are also happy to talk with you directly to help you make the best decision for your tour. 


All passengers are responsible for:

  • Being in sufficiently good physical condition and health to attend their tour

  • Disclosing any medical or physical condition that may affect their experience or the success of their tour

  • Maintaining personal hygiene to reduce the risk of transmitting infections, viruses, and other illnesses associated with travel.

  • Bringing sufficient clothing and equipment as detailed in your packing list.

    • All passengers must attend a pack check prior to departure to ensure that their clothing and equipment are sufficient.

    • Your tour leaders may require you to purchase or borrow additional equipment or clothing if your packing is deemed insufficient. This is a safety measure to ensure that everyone in the group is prepared to complete all excursions on their tour safely.

  • Being respectful and courteous with Indomita staff, fellow passengers, and members of the public. Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in your exclusion from the tour. 

  • Coming prepared for each day as per your guide’s instructions. This includes carrying a daypack which includes essential items including your water, boxed lunch, extra clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, and rain gear.

  • Following the directions of their guides and other Indomita Staff. This includes technical instructions on the trail and rules and norms in camp. Passengers that display a consistent refusal to follow the directions of their guides may be subject to exclusion from their tour for the safety of the group.


Guides and Indomita Staff reserve the right to exclude any passenger from their tour at any time if the guide or staff deems that the passenger’s health, physical condition, or behaviour is putting themselves or other group members at risk, or if their behaviour is negatively affecting the experience of the group.


In the event of a passenger being removed from their tour, no refund will be granted.

6. Medical Health

6.1. Personal Medical Information

For the safety of our staff, passengers, guests, vendors, and members of the public, all passengers are required to fill out a personal information form that includes medical information.


It is mandatory that clients with pertinent medical problems make themselves known to us well before departure. This may include (but is not limited to) passengers informing Indomita Adventures of any cardiovascular problems, respiratory issues, allergies, current medications, recent surgeries, arthritis, chronic or past injuries, mental health conditions, migraines, or any other conditions that could affect the comfort and safety of the passenger, guides, staff, and fellow travellers.


This also includes informing us of any new injuries or illnesses that may occur between the time of booking and the start of your program.


To respect the identity and safety of all passengers, we do not require the disclosure of hormonal medications or surgeries related to gender reassignment. In this case, we ask that we are made aware of any surgeries from which you may be recuperating currently.

6.2. Guide's Discretion

It is the responsibility of each passenger to ensure that they are in sufficient physical and medical condition to safely participate in the activities outlined in their tour itinerary. 


Indomita Adventures guides and staff maintain the right to remove anyone, at any time during the tour if they feel the passenger is physically incapable and/or if a passenger’s continued participation will be detrimental to the individual involved or the group. This includes isolating and removing passengers from the group who are suspected of having a contagious illness such as coronavirus.


Refunds are not given under such circumstances. Passengers removed from their tour will be responsible for the costs associated with their removal, including (but not limited to) the cost of quarantine, food, lodging, transportation, medical assessment, and treatment.

6.3. Medical Evacuation

Due to the remote terrain that our programs take place in, medical evacuation may be difficult, prolonged, and expensive. Some conditions may require evacuation to Santiago or other major Chilean city.


Indomita Adventures accepts no liability regarding the provision of medical care at any time during the tour. This statement is included on the waivers provided to you by our company, which must be signed prior to participation in the tour.

6.4. Doctor's Certificate

Based on factors including age and medical history, some passengers may be required to provide a doctor’s note or physical certificate in order to come on the tour. This is to ensure that all passengers are in the necessary physical condition to undertake the tour safely.

7. Insurance

We strongly advise all passengers to purchase adequate travel insurance for their tour. 

Any costs associated with unexpected medical emergencies or illnesses prior to or during your tour are your own responsibility, and will not be paid by Indomita Adventures.

Please ensure that you have adequate coverage for the expense that may be incurred by emergency evacuation,  personal accident, medical expenses, air ambulance, repatriation costs, loss of effects, and all other expenses which may arise during your tour. Cancellation and trip interruption insurance is also recommended.

8. Travel with Minors

Passengers travelling with minors are asked to provide proof that they are the guardian(s) of said minor, or that the minor is travelling with the expressed permission of their legal guardian(s). This measure is taken to ensure the security of all minors on our tours.

9. Third-Party Vendors

As part of the logistics for tours, Indomita Adventures employs some third-party vendors to provide services. These may include (but are not limited to) food service, lodgings and hospitality services, equipment rental, excursion guiding, and nautical transportation. 


By agreeing to the terms and conditions of your tour with Indomita Adventures, you grant Indomita Adventures the mandate to act in your (the passenger’s) name to contract the services necessary for your tour’s success.


In some cases, Indomita Adventures hires outside guides and experts to realize specialist activities including (but not limited to) ocean navigations, glacier ice walks, and horseback riding. These vendors may require additional waivers and liability releases in order to participate in the activity. All passengers must sign the applicable releases and waivers before completing their booking.

10. Personal Information and Waivers

Indomita Adventures requires all passengers to fill out pre-trip information and release waivers prior to finalizing their booking.


The information in these forms is required by Indomita Adventures to ensure a safe and successful tour for everyone involved and to verify that all passengers are aware of the risks and dangers associated with tours of this type.


It is the responsibility of all passengers or their guardians to thoroughly read, understand, and complete all forms and waivers with information that is complete and correct.


False or incomplete information could endanger the safety of yourself, your guides, or other passengers. Indomita Adventures reserves the right to exclude passengers from activities upon discovery of undisclosed or incorrect information including the non-disclosure of pertinent medical information such as illness or injury.

11. Assumption of Risk and Release from Liability

I understand and accept that Indomita Adventures acts as an operator of tours that may expose me to hazards and elements of danger, and that participating in tours such as the one I am undertaking entails the risk of illness, danger to property, personal injury and loss of life.


 I am also accepting that medical services or facilities may not be readily available or accessible during some or all of the time during which I am participating in the tour. 


I hereby accept and assume full responsibility for any and all risks of illness, injury or loss of life to myself and loss or damage to my property arising out of participation in the tour organized by Indomita Adventures.


I hereby agree that neither I, nor any of my heirs, personal or legal representatives, or family members will bring suit or make a claim for illness, injury, loss or damage to property, or loss of life resulting from any acts or omissions, including any negligence, gross negligence, or reckless or willful acts (but not willful or fraudulent conduct) of Indomita Adventures, its employees, directors, owners, officers, agents, contractors or affiliated organizations as a result of my participation in this tour.


 I hereby agree, without limitation, that Indomita Adventures, is not responsible for acts of God, equipment failures, vehicle accidents, illness from food or otherwise, detention, assaults, theft or criminal activity, annoyance, delays, quarantine, strikes, failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, civil disturbances, terrorism, government restrictions or regulations, and discrepancies or changes in transit or hotel services over which it has no control.


I hereby release Indomita Adventures, its employees, directors, owners, officers, agents, contractors or affiliated organizations from and against any and all liability arising out of, or in any way connected with my participation in the tour, including liability for any negligence (but not willful or fraudulent conduct) and any intentional act intended to protect my safety and well-being.


I understand and accept that Indomita Adventures can make reasonable changes in the itinerary where deemed advisable for the comfort and well-being of the passengers. They reserve the right to substitute accommodations or excursions, alter the itinerary, and reverse the order of places to be visited.


The laws of the Republic of Chile shall govern this Agreement, as well as any type of arbitration that may arise as a result of controversy to this document. I have carefully read this Terms and Conditions Agreement and fully understand its contents and confirm that all the information I have provided in the booking form is truthful. I am also aware that this is a release of liability and a contract between Indomita Adventures and its affiliated organizations and/or myself.

6. Medical Health
7. Insurance
8. Travel with Minors
9. Third- Party Vendors
10. Personal Information and Waivers
11. Assumption of Risk & Release from Liability
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